I went to the movies to watch Spider-Man: homecoming and I felt like eleven years old again when I watched the first Spider-Man movie, the one directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire. The Spider-Man of 2002 was my first adult film at the theater before it I watched only animations.

In 2002, I was not a reader yet, I was not worried about books or things like that. I had had contact with Turma da Mônica, but nothing too deep. I was more concerned about watching Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and playing on the street.

But everything changed after that movie. In the weeks after it I broke out all the newsstands, I wanted the comic books of that hero who had fascinated me so much. I read everything! I read the weekly comic books, the special comics, the sagas, the specialized blogs — at that time, I used to go online after midnight and kept researching the stories of Peter Parker.

I became a reader! Thanks to comic books!

If reading and books are my passion today, I owe it to the Friendly Neighborhood!

Yesterday, as I entered the theater to watch the reboot of my favorite movie, I returned to my eleven years. In a simpler time, where all that mattered was having the bucks of the week, go to the newsstand and secure my copy of the Amazing Spider-Man.

Those good times do not come back, but I’m glad to have lived them so well!